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Meet Genie, a Virtual Fashion Assistant,

available for mobile, desktop or

in-store devices.

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What do we offer?

Smart algorithms for retail. Catwalk is an A.I. and data company focused in devising smart algorithms for fashion retailers.


SaaS Virtual Assistant. Our A.I. provides real-time product recommendations for any of your clients.

Real-time stylist. Help your clients validate their choices from fashion inspirations up to check. We help you connect online and offline worlds.


Lower Costs. Our A.I. provides real-time assistance combining your entire inventory without any human intervention at all.

E-commerce Fashion Virtual Assistant

Trouble picking what to wear? Give your clientes reassurance during their purchases.

Raise conversion rates. Have you ever dreamed about an assistant helping your clients with personalized recommendations during their online purchase experience?

Transforme your user journeys and sales experience. We are here to improve your channels' experience and bring answers to your clients when they need the most.

Stylist. Combine your entire portfolio in real-time

  Assistant by means of our everready Virtual Assistant

  Unlimited product recommendations mixing clothing

  Raise your portfolio and product exhibition on your pages

  Help your clients by reassuring their choices

  Increase sales by encouraging cross selling

Similar. Results according to similarity

  Show more products that are visually related to each other

  Offer options for out of stock items

  Raise engagement and browsing times on your site

  Reduce the time to find an item and give them answers

  Raise the probability of conversion on your sales

Clothing, products, categories, moods. Plugins of any type!

Easy Plug and Play Plugin

Cut and paste into your own page templates

No need for human intervention

No need for

manual tagging or additional classifications



Reduce costs and expenditures by automatizing processes

Real Time


Reassure your clients about

their choices



Connected and up to date with your own portfolio

Cross Selling


Raise any

probabilities of higher mean


In-store Virtual Assistants

Merge the online and offline world with true innovation.

How can we help you with innovation? By means of our solutions for instore devices you can merge the online and offline world into a seamless, fluid experience.

Instore. Store experiences

  Interactive assistance with our Virtual Assistant

  Combine user clothing with your store inventory

  Unlimited product  combinations for fashion

  Express self checkout

  Get to know your customer in depth

Hello, my name is Genie. How may I help you?

Your virtual fashion assistant in any store.

Transform your brick and mortar stores into hubs of experience and engagement.



Customize according to your specific needs

Available for touchscreens

Simple, easy to use, friendly interfaces for anyone



Each client has its own set of recommendations

Real time fashion


Combine your available stock in real time in seconds

Tool for


Give your team a complete tool to raise sales

Some of our partners
retailers as
combinations per second
Tailored plans for your specific needs

Our plans are suitable for a variety of budgets. We provide fast implementation services. Request a free demonstration and we will get back within 24 hours. Improve your channels' experience by means of trully innovative solutions.

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