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We know you enjoy finding out where to buy that beautiful piece you saw someone wearing. Have suggestions on how to use the clothes in your wardrobe in the best way, in order to meet your taste. Share with your friends the wonderful combinations you imagined using at the next party. Or find the perfect shirt, close to you, for your next meeting.The Catwalk was made to fit all women's daily needs, unlike anything you know. And in order to provide the best experience for you, we ask that you share some information with us. We know of the responsibility of this request, and we treat your privacy, and the security of your data, as a matter of the utmost importance. The following policy was made to clarify every detail of how we handle information. We write the way we like to talk, without complications or difficult terms.But if any part is not clear, or you have questions, suggestions or complaints, we will be happy to have a chat with you. Send us an email! It's easy to remember:

Content Policy

We believe that every sidewalk is a catwalk because every woman creates her own definition of fashion. This individual freedom is a fundamental part of what we believe, and we work daily to understand more deeply the tastes and characteristics of each of our users. But this same freedom, inserted within a social context, must respect some parameters of coexistence, which in our case translates into the limitation of the exhibition of certain contents and behaviors. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any content inserted in the platform, privately or publicly, that:

  • Be considered a personal threat, be it to another user or not;

  • Possess traits of self-flagellation and / or suicide induction;

  • Sympathize, encourage or have any connection with terrorist groups or violence;

  • Be characterized as blackmail, spam or bullying. It will be available tool for blocking users by another user who feels uncomfortable as an additional way to combat inconveniences;

  • Use or dissipate hate speech and / or prejudice;

  • Connected or be a part of criminal activity of any kind;

  • Have any trace of any type of sexual violence

  • Unduly expose minors

  • Detract the platform objective;

  • Be characterized as nudity or exacerbated exposure;

  • Use the register of individuals to disclose legal entity or business initiative. Brands, advertisers and retailers must have a specific profile for such purposes


Remember: You are solely responsible for all the content you post. We can not, and do not want, to control every published image or written message before it causes possible impacts on the viewer. Therefore, it is the complete responsibility of each user to submit, and in case of loss and damage to Catwalk fruit of content published by you, such damages may be charged to you, in the manner provided by law.In the same way that we reserve the right to remove content that is in disagreement with this policy, and ultimately block the user, for the present and future use of the platform, including with removal and deletion of content stored in the individual profile, you have the right to delete your account on our platform. This request can be made through the settings menu and will involve the final removal of all content linked to the profile, after a period of 30 days.The definitive removal of the user, when determined unilaterally by Catwalk, will always be preceded by at least one notice of non-compliance with the term clause, communicated through the application or registered e-mail. The removal of content may be carried out without prior notice, as a form of immediate treatment of the identified infringement.If you are subject to any blocking or restriction of content and consider that our attitude has been hasty, please let us know at, and we will always review your request.We also want to emphasize that once you post content on the platform in any format, you authorize us to use it without restriction. Content remains your property, but you provide us with a perpetual, irrevocable, free, and global license that allows you to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, display, and otherwise exploit such content at all formats and any distribution channels, without the need for your consent. Therefore, you represent and warrant that you are the sole owner of all content you post, and that your posting infringes third party property rights.


Advertisement Policy

We are passionate about fashion and the expression of individual personality and beauty of women, but we do not believe that this means encouraging compulsive shopping. In fact, we want the exact opposite: that every woman finds exactly the parts she needs, likes, and fits in her pocket. The parts we display for you may come solely from our mechanism of understanding your profile or may be motivated further by advertising reason. In any case, we always seek to be completely targeted alternatives to your tastes and needs. Each piece shown by the application is a consequence of what we believe most matches what we know about you, or what you have indicated we are looking for. If at any time you feel that what we are showing is not consistent with what you want, let us know! It is very important for us to hear from you what you.But it is important for you to know that what you are seeing is also the result of a payment for divulgation. In an effort to keep our advertising chain, as a whole, consistent with our values, and we want to be chosen as the advertising destination for the quality of the experience we offer, for the relevance to our users, for the better conversion metrics and deep knowledge of our users.We also care about how our children are exposed to advertising. We know that contact with technology happens earlier and we do not want to restrict children from having access to our experience. We understand there is no restriction that they accompany the looks that their idols of music and television use, and that they can communicate with their friends by the platform.But we also believe that up to a certain age buying behavior should not be encouraged directly, and that the collection of information for advertising purposes also needs to be controlled. Therefore, we do not allow for children under 12 users.


Terms Update

From time to time, we have identified the need to change the clauses that make up this term. This can happen, for example, because we launch a new service, change some feature of something we already offer or identify the need to clarify some information.Many people find it inconvenient to be informed of each change made, so we will combine the following:

  • The date at the top of the terms and conditions will always be updated with that of the last change;

  • Whenever there is a change, we will insert an initial chapter informing which clauses have been changed, so that you do not have to read everything again;

  • In the settings menu, you will always have access to the term, with visual signaling of a new term for a minimum of 10 days;

  • In the settings menu you can indicate that you want to be informed by visual notifications, whenever the terms and conditions are changed. Feel free to ask for these warnings!

Stay calm: the changes will never have retroactive effect.



In case of disagreement with the clauses of this term, its interpretation will be according to the Brazilian legislation, being determined the Forum of the Region of São Paulo to settle any litigation, question or supervenient doubt.

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